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All-Time Classic series, with natural ingredients… by LollyTalk.

LollyTalk’s ATC series is now officially renamed as “All-Time Classic” Series! Same recipe, same ingredients, but with a brand-new name to await new flavours added to the collection!
Have you ever tried the original All-Time Classic series by LollyTalk? (formerly known as ATC/ Acquired Taste Collection).
Have you tried LollyTalk’s famous plum guava, chilli lime, honey lemon, spicy mango, menthol grape, menthol honey lemon & apple cranberry (which uses natural ingredients) that everyone is talking about? Make sure you get
the real thing – buy the LollyTalk’s original All-Time Classic series!
Ever since the launch of the original LollyTalk’s All-Time Classic series in April 2013, we have received many positive feedbacks from our fans! LollyTalk has revolutionized how rock candy tastes like!
With interesting flavors such as Chilli Lime, Spicy Mango, and Plum Guava, we have launched a series of flavors that is uniquely LollyTalk’s.
LollyTalk also creatively used ingredients such as fruits (real apple/cranberry/lemon), menthol crystals, as well as pure honey in the making of our All-Time Classic series, hence the launch of our Apple Cranberry, Menthol Grape, Honey Lemon as well as our Menthol Honey Lemon.
With these efforts, LollyTalk clearly sets a new standard on how rock candies should taste. Rock Candy lovers are given a new awakening!!
Ross and Judy, the Grand Champion Rock Candy (title given by Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards during 2009), have generously, without reserved, taught and given LollyTalk their unique recipe for their Chilli Lime, which therefore inspires the best out of LollyTalk’s All-Time Classic series. It is also a collective effort of fine-tuning with Ross & Judy at LollyTalk during early 2013. This gives our original All-Time Classic series a truly global touch, while at the same time uniquely Asian, at the same time staying true to its original award-winning recipe from Ross and Judy.
If you haven’t tried THE Original All-Time Classic series, you should try one! Once you tried a LollyTalk, you will never want to compromise your rock candy with anything else.
Others might try very hard to copy and look like LollyTalk, but they will never taste anywhere near to a LollyTalk!!!
Do visit LollyTalk’s flagship retail outlet, located conveniently at Singapore’s prime shopping district, 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura B2-20. Come and immerse yourself in the complete lolly shopping experience that everyone is talking about!
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LollyTalk’s Honey Lemon from the original Acquired Taste Collection…

LollyTalk's Honey Lemon from the original Acquired Taste Collection...

Singa the courtesy lion spotted at LollyTalk with LollyTalk’s “Honey Lemon” pillow lolly; from the original Acquired Taste Collection.

Some trivia fact that you might not have noticed…
1. Do you know that LollyTalk’s Honey Lemon is made using real honey, natural lemon extract as well as fully natural colourings?

2. And do you know that LollyTalk’s Acquired Taste Collection contains natural ingredients such as fruits (plum, apple and cranberry)? YES, you can still feel the presence of the real bits of the fruits when you chew your lolly!!!

3. And are you aware that LollyTalk are fully vegetarians friendly and contains no traces of nuts too?

To understand more about LollyTalk and what you buying from LollyTalk, read the FAQ.

All lollies are handcrafted with love and served with passion! Every piece got a story to tell… they are all talking to you!

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