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Hari Raya Lolly Mix by LollyTalk

LollyTalk’s “Hari Raya Lolly Mix”! The “Hari Raya Lolly Mix” is NOW AVAILABLE at our flagship store! Drop contact us for further enquiries. Order yours now! Prices start from as low as $2.90 for a bottle. Nice sweets for family gatherings as well as great gifting idea for house visitation. Also suitable for various corporate & community events celebrating Hari Raya.
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You really have to taste a LollyTalk to know why so many people have chosen LollyTalk as their gifting solutions. Available in various packagings and sizes at LollyTalk’s flagship retail outlet & via various LollyTalk’s premium reseller!

Do visit LollyTalk’s flagship retail outlet, located conveniently at the heart of Singapore’s prime shopping district, 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura B2-20. Come and immerse yourself in the complete lolly shopping experience that everyone is talking about!

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